98% of Newlyweds Regret Not Having a Wedding Video

Don’t take our word for it… Ariane Fisher from The Huffington Post will gladly tell you all about why not having a video was the biggest mistake of her wedding.

And she’s not alone. When we tell people that we’re wedding videographers, the number one response we hear is, “Oh, I wish we had a video of our wedding day!” Many couples hire a photographer (which we highly recommend) but don’t budget for videography. You wouldn’t believe how often couples call us within weeks of their wedding (and one time less than 24 hours before their wedding!), because it suddenly dawns on them that they are going to want more than still photos to remember their wedding day. You will want to hear your vows. You’ll want to see the tear on Dad’s cheek. You will want to feel the emotion that comes through in a professionally composed wedding film.

Don’t be part of the 98%. Just fill out our videography package info request form to find out how we can capture the memory of your day forever.


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