With its beautiful mountain views and notoriously sunny skies, Central Oregon is the perfect playground for wedding videographers. In fact, most of the weddings we shoot here are outdoors. Want to know what it’s like to work with Ace of Hearts Films? We’re playful and genuine. There’s definitely no ego behind the camera with us.

The biggest compliment we hear is that couples didn’t even realize that we were there most of the day, yet we caught moments that they didn’t even know happened. The best way to get natural looking shots of you is to just let you guys do your thing. Our goal is for you to barely notice us, so that means that we don’t come in with a video crew. No equipment set up in the aisle during your ceremony. No posing you in unnatural positions. Think stealthy video ninjas!


There are photo people in this world, and there are video people. We appreciate a good wedding photo, but we are definitely video people. We want to see the groom fidgeting as he waits to see his bride walk down the aisle. We want to hear the quiver in a bride’s voice as she says her vows. An artistically composed wedding film is the closest thing to reliving the best day of their life, and we love being able to capture the emotions of that day forever for each of the couples that we work with.