Bridal Insider ~ Dealing with Wedding Contracts, Part 3

Here’s the part 3 of the Bridal Insider video that we made about how to protect yourself when signing wedding contracts.

It’s likely that details about your wedding will change after you’ve already signed your contracts, so it’s really important that you solidify those changes in writing. The best way to protect yourself is to write any changes on the contract & have the vendor initial them. Otherwise if you discuss changes by text or email, be sure to have the vendor confirm that they accept the changes. If you discuss changes with your vendor in person or on the phone, just send them a follow-up email confirming everything… something as simple as “It was great chatting with you about my wedding today. I just want to confirm that my ceremony is going to start at 4:00 instead of 5.” Then check in with your vendors once it gets closer to your wedding to make sure that you’re all on the same page. Wedding contracts can be a bit intimidating, but you should be well-protected with these bridal insider tips.




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