Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you to film my wedding instead of another company?

Ace of Hearts Films will capture the best moments of your day without being intrusive or demanding. It’s just the two of us there’s no video crew, no boom mics, no equipment set up in the middle of your aisle. Most importantly, there’s no ego behind the cameras. By the time your wedding comes around, you’ll feel confident that we know exactly what you’re looking for. Ace of Hearts Films is also leading Central Oregon with our signature same day edit highlights videos. We promise to exceed your expectations. Please check out our About page to learn more about Stephanie and Brian.

My friend is upset that her video was only 20 minutes long & didn’t even have the full ceremony. What do you include? 

Depending on what time frame you ask us to be at your wedding, your video would include your entire ceremony from start to finish and the full toasts, as well as any other moments that we know you would want to see. You’ll also want our most popular feature, which is a wedding highlights film with the best moments of your day set to music. If you choose other features such as a Save the Date video, Love Story video, Same Day Edit video and Photo Slideshow, those would also be included.

I have a photographer.  Why hire a professional videographer, too?

We love photos and want you to hire a photographer. Ideally you’d hire both. If you can’t, you have a tough decision to make. We personally feel that video captures the emotions, the sounds, the energy, the vibe, and the feel of your wedding day in a way that still photos just can’t.  If you feel the same way, you just answered your own question.  P.S. Photo and video are entirely different worlds!  If your photographer offers video packages, make sure you see a complete wedding ceremony video to check that they have professional video and audio equipment.

Can I get the high-definition files of my wedding video?

Yes! You will receive a keepsake USB drive with HD video files for each of the features in the package you choose (wedding highlights film, ceremony, toasts, etc.) We offer DVD or Blu-Ray delivery as add-ons.

Do you give us the raw footage?

We are happy to give you the raw footage, but we’re pretty sure that you aren’t going to want it. Giving you the raw footage is like a baker giving you the ingredients for your cake but not baking it. We promise to include every moment that would be important to you.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

We will send you a contract for your personalized package. We request 40% of your package to reserve your date.

What is a Same Day Edit video?

With a Same Day Edit, instead of waiting months to see your wedding video, you and your loved ones will get to experience your own private viewing of the best moments of your bridal prep, first look, photo session and wedding ceremony right at your reception. It’s your first glimpse at moments you weren’t there to see (the bride’s mom when she sees her daughter put on her dress, the flower girls galloping down the aisle while flinging rose petals). Plus any guests who couldn’t attend your wedding can watch your Same Day Edit video online the very next day. MORE >>

Do you still film the reception while creating the Same Day Edit video?

Yes.  After your ceremony, one videographer will edit the video while the other films your photo session and dinner. Your Same Day Edit video is typically ready to view during or immediately after dinner. 

What is the difference between a wedding highlights video and a wedding film?

Although you’ll certainly watch your entire wedding video over the years, chances are you’ll watch your wedding film or highlights video hundreds of times. A highlights video is made of clips from the best moments of your wedding day set to music. Wedding films are typically longer (about 15 minutes), include live audio of your vows, toasts, etc. as well as music in the background, and can either be sequential or not based on your preference. Many couples prefer wedding films because of their emotional impact.

What is a Save the Date video?

Save the Date Videos are a modern twist on the old postcards. We can create a slideshow of the two of you dating leading up to your engagement or we can do a video shoot of the two of you at the location of your proposal, where you met or where you had your first date. MORE >>

What is a Love Story video?

This is your chance to share the story of your romance, filmed at the locations of your choice.  We’ll ask you and your fiancé questions about how you met, what your first impressions of each other were, the first date, the proposal, and more.  Many couples play it for their guests to watch at the reception.  MORE >>

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use high definition digital video cameras, fluid-head tripods, & high end lapel microphones with pocket recorders.  We have wireless microphones but only use them at your request since wireless mics can get static interference.

Want your wedding to stand out from the rest?

From Save The Date videos to Love Story videos, you can personalize your wedding day by including these features in your Ace of Hearts Films wedding videography package.