Spice up your wedding reception by showing a Love Story Video, a fresh and fun alternative to the standard photo slideshow. Filmed at a location of your choice, this is your chance to tell the story of how you met, what your first impressions of each other were, the proposal and more. Oftentimes guests only know either the bride or the groom, so they really enjoy finding out the scoop on how you came to be together. Beyond your wedding day, your love story video will be a treasured keepsake that you’ll enjoy watching throughout the years of your marriage, and someday your children and grandkids will love to watch it, too.

Just like filming an actual movie, we’ll sit down with you to brainstorm ideas for your Love Story Video. They can range from sweet and romantic to a silly spoof on your favorite movie or TV show. Depending on the complexity of your project, we’ll do a 30 – 60 minute video shoot, and the final product usually ends up being a couple minutes long. On your wedding day, we’ll provide the projector, screen and audio system, so everything is ready to go in time for your reception. Then just sit back and enjoy the movie premiere of your Love Story Video surrounded by your loved ones.