Bridal Insider ~ Dealing with Wedding Contracts, Part 2

Here’s the part 2 of the Bridal Insider video that we made about how to protect yourself when signing wedding contracts.

So, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to sign a contract without reading the fine print. We learned this the hard way when 2 weeks before our wedding our photographer told us he was going to send his assistant instead of shooting it himself. It was completely legal for him to do that because the small print (that we obviously didn’t read) allowed him to send another photographer in his place. Your contract should also list the vendor’s cancellation policy & if any money will be returned if your wedding gets cancelled. Whoever signs the contract is liable, so if someone else is paying for it, They should be the one to sign the contract. Also, be sure that it lists overtime rates in case your wedding runs late. You don’t want to be surprised with a huge bill afterwards. There’s more you need to know about vendor contracts, so be sure to watch my other videos for more bridal insider tips.



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