Bridal Insider ~ Dealing with Wedding Contracts, Part 1

Hey everyone, this is Stephanie from Ace of Hearts Films, and I’m here with an insider tip on how to protect yourself when signing wedding contracts. First off, you need to get everything in writing on your contract. It should spell out exactly what will be provided & the more specific, the better. So for a photography contract, you want the contract to not only say how many hours they’ll be at your wedding, but specifics like how many pages will be in your photo album. You’ll want to send the contract & deposit to your vendors promptly. Even if you’ve told them everything about your wedding & which package you’d like, your date isn’t officially reserved until they get your contract & deposit. Be sure to ask your vendors to confirm when they receive them just to be safe. You’d hate to assume that your DJ got your contract, only to find out months later that he never got it, so then you’re left scrambling to find another DJ at the last minute. You just don’t need that kind of stress. Well, there’s a lot more to tell you about vendor contracts, so be sure to watch my other videos for more bridal insider tips.


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