Bridal Insider ~ Should you have a First Look at your wedding?

Hey everybody, this is Stephanie with Ace of Hearts Films, and I’m here with an insider tip on whether or not to have a first look for your wedding day. So, if you haven’t heard of one before, a first look is when the bride and groom have an intimate moment, just the two of them, before the ceremony and you know they get to see each other, get some of that nervous energy out of the way, and then just enjoy the day together. So, one advantage to doing a first look it is that you’ll have just put on your dress, your makeup is fresh, your hair was just done, and so you’ll look great, you can get those pictures done before your ceremony, and that way after your ceremony the two of you can just enjoy the cocktail hour with your guests and then move on your reception without having to keep all your guests waiting. So some couples that have been resistant to a first look, what they’re thinking is that, “Oh, well I want him to see me for the first time at the walk down the aisle,” but the thing is, even if you’ve had a first look, when he sees you walking down the aisle, he’s not going to be thinking, “Oh yeah I already saw her today.” He’s going to be thinking you’re the most stunning and beautiful bride he’s ever seen, and if anything, he won’t look as nervous, because he’s seen you that day. So that’s my two cents on a first look, and I hope you’ll stay tuned in the future for more insider wedding tips.



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