What Remains When Your Wedding Day Is Over?

It amazes me how many couples will spend thousands of dollars on their wedding but don’t budget for a professional videographer and photographer to capture it all.  As you work on your wedding budget, we just ask that you consider what will remain when your wedding day is over and what will end up in the trash/recycling/toilet or is used or returned.  Once it’s all done, you’ll have your love for each other, your rings, your photos and your video.  The rest is gone.  We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy those things, but it’s crazy to spend a bunch of money on those things and then skimp on your photos and video.


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  1. Julie Spencer

    Good point! My mom says there’s no way we’re spending that much on our weddng and not getting a wedding video to remember it.

  2. Jaelyn Nord

    I couldn’t agree more! I use to work at a beach club in Florida that had weddings every weekend, too many times I saw people spend thousands of dollars on the small materialistic things like even the cake. I don’t think in my 3 years of working there have I even seen a videographer to top it off. We are on a pretty tight budget and are trying our hardest to be able to afford both… Because I too think photos and videos are the part that’s irreplaceable!

  3. Maggie M.

    I agree, I want to have many photos to cherish…to show our children, grandchildren, etc. Photos and video will be there forever, even after we are gone.

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