Same Day Edits – Your Own Private Wedding Video Premiere

Same Day Edits are a hot trend in wedding videography.  Never heard of them before?  In short, a same day edit is a highlights video that we edit right on location at your wedding venue and then play for your guests at your reception.  You might be thinking, Why would I want to watch a highlights video on the same day as my wedding? Many couples get lost in the moment during the ceremony and barely remember a thing.  Chances are your guests either couldn’t hear you, couldn’t see you, or neither.  Instead of waiting months for your wedding video to be ready, this is your opportunity to get a taste of your wedding video on your actual wedding day.  It’s your own private screening with your loved ones.  Another plus is that we can post your same day edit online within 12 hours of your wedding so those who can’t make it to your wedding can feel as if they were there.  You still get your entire ceremony and edited reception videos on your wedding DVD, plus an extended highlights video that includes reception footage.

We can add a same day edit video, including a complimentary projector and screen rental, to most packages. Please check out our Same Day Edits web page or call for more details.




  1. Chad Mattox

    i agree. everybody keeps telling us that we won’t remember anything while we’re up at the altar cuz we’ll be nervous and stuff. that’d be so cool to see the video right at our dinner.

  2. Jennipher Krauss

    That’s so cool! I’ve never heard of a same day edit before. I’d rather have that at our reception than a slideshow. I’d like to see some samples when we meet with you next week.

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